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 - I arrive approx. 15-30 minutes ( up to 1 hour, on all day events or where gazebo is required ) , before I am due to start painting. 

 - I supply everything I need, so there is nothing  for you to worry about concerning the face painter. Only if a table is available at the venue for me to use, that would be very helpful. 

 - On occasions, where there is no car access to the venue or stairs and no lift, I will ask for table to be provided. 

 - Face painting set up should be in a well lit area, not in a high traffic area ( doorway, narrow corridors or middle of the room) and I kindly ask not to be forced to set up near speakers or sound systems ( it is a health hazard and difficult to communicate with guests) 

-  Design board is provided as a guide of face painting ideas. I use words and simple cartoon characters ( for smaller children) on my board. I don't use photos for practical and creative reasons. Designs are often adjusted to the individual, colours matched to the clothing, simplified or extra details - depending on guests requests and time available. Endless options and imagination. 

 - For outdoor set up, suitable waterproof cover must be provided ( gazebo or any other shelter that can protect paints from the sun or potential rain). Weather can be unpredictable and in case of sudden rain, without appropriate shelter,  I would be forced to pack immediately.

 - For parties at a private location, such as your home or garden, access to the tap or bathroom will be required. 


- Face painting is for children 3+. Children under the age of 3 have sensitive skin that is developing and it can potentially cause sensitivity or reactions to products in the future. It is also against my insurance policy. I have stickers available for them to choose and take home instead. 

 - Anyone with ANY contagious illness, cannot be painted unfortunately. It is to prevent cross contamination and spreading it on others. ( Conjunctivitis, chicken pox, flu, cold sores, cough etc..)  Again, I have stickers they can have instead, to avoid disappointment. 

 - I will not paint over any cuts, wounds or any skin condition such as eczema. Only unaffected areas can be painted. 

 - Anyone with allergy should not be painted, however, a patch test can be provided at the beginning of the party if unsure. 

 - Face painting should be a pleasant and happy experience - I will refuse to paint any children against their will, or on children who are upset, crying or asleep. 

 - Due to spillage risks, potential contamination and slowing down the painting, no food or drinks are allowed at the face painting chair. No eating/chewing during face painting. 



- Please note that the deposit is NON- REFUNDABLE. It is only refundable if I ( the face painter) am forced to cancel due to emergency or unforeseen personal circumstances and I am unable to find suitable cover you are happy with. 

- Cancellations made by you on the day or within 48 hours before your event, are charged in full. 

 - Any changes must be communicated as soon as possible. Significant changes such as  the date, time and location are subject to availability - If unable to accommodate your request, it is classed as a cancellation. 


  - Any regular design takes any time between 2 - 5 minutes to paint

 - If you would like children to take part in any games, photograph or food at once, please let me know to stop painting and  I can wait for them to do their activity.

 -  Please note, that if children wait until the end to get painted, I cannot guarantee I will have enough time for everyone. I cannot finish later than the time agreed, due to other booking commitments. 

 -  At busy parties, if you wish to avoid children queueing, I encourage their parents to do so for them. Call them in before it is their turn, so they can enjoy more fun!

- 1 design per person. 

   Only, if everyone has been painted and I have significant time left ( to paint most of them twice - usually parties with max 15 -20 guests per 2 hour party), I am happy to  offer second design ( face and arm painted)

 My responsibility and priority is to make sure that everyone who wants face paint is not left behind by the end of the party.

  - I may occasionally ( if time allows) ask to take some photos of the designs I paint. Please let me know if you would prefer me not to take any at all, at your party. I will completely understand and respect it. Photos are usually shared on my social media platforms ( FB and IG) , always with the permission of the parent.

 - To wash off the face paint, use a flannel and soapy water. Wet wipes are not recommended. Some wipes contain ingredients that can react in contact with face paint and cause reaction or irritability. Any stubborn pigment will come off with soap and a gentle scrub

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