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Booking form 

 Fill in, only when you have received your quote and you are ready to book. Private bookings require £30 deposit. Instructions for deposit will be send after receiving this form.


If you haven't yet received a quote from us, please click on the quote button and fill out quick enquiry form instead.. 

Event details:

I would like to book:

*Adding glitter tattoos or Glitter bar to face painting creates additional charge. 

*Start time - note, that I will arrive and set up approx 15-30mins before the time you select.

Your party/event is at

*If your party is taking place in your own home, tick private location. Please note that I may require access to your water tap and bathroom.

Face painting set up is required

Any set up outdoor requires sheltered area/waterproof gazebo. If you are planning face painting set up outside, please provide adequate cover.

Providing and setting up gazebo by me, is charged £30 per event ( 2x2m), £50 ( 3x3m)

For all day events (5hrs+), this can be provided with no extra charge. Check for availability.

Contact details:

 Additional information 

Age group

*Only children aged 3 and above are able to get their face painted.

Children younger than 3 have very sensitive and delicate skin and it is not recommended to paint them, as per advice by the paint manufactures. Painting under 3s is against insurance policy. If any of your guests attend with younger children, please make them aware to avoid disappointment and upset child on the day.

Please tick, if you require more than 1 artist ( recomended for 50+ guests)
Please tick, if you would like to offer face painting for a specific fee to public

Submitting this form creates a form of contract. Any changes or cancellations must be communicated via email. Your invoice will be sent to you after receiving your form. Thank you


Thanks for submitting! Please allow 24hrs to receive an email with confirmation and invoice. Please contact me directly via email if you have any questions regarding your booking. Thank you!

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