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Face painting at children's parties is very popular!  You may also add glitter tattoos to the booking. Whether it is a small home party for a few very close friends or a big 2-3 hour party at large venue, for up to 35- 40 children, I can cater accordingly.

Regular 2 hour party is the most common type of booking for Children's birthdays. 

You can expect full 1, 2 or 3 hours of painting. Your face painter arrives with enough time to set up and start at the time you book. The birthday child has the advantage of getting their face painted first and even get a bit extra. Maybe even an arm painting if time allows:) 

I use high quality, water-based paints that are EU and FDA compliant with cosmetic regulations. All my paints and glitter are cosmetic products, to ensure the safest application and experience and are suitable on skin for children over the age of 3.  If you have any concerns about sensitive skin and possible allergic reactions, please discuss this with me before you get painted. I offer patch tests and advice. 

Please see my FAQ for any questions, such as how to manage queues etc.

When you make an enquiry, include all the details such as date, time and location and how many children may be attending. I am aware that not all children will want their face painted, but we always take that into consideration at any booking.  At parties with enough time left and when all children are done, I always welcome children having their arms painted as well...or adults often join in too:)

Please note that 1hour parties are only available for maximum of 12-15 children and within 5-10miles travel.


Perfect addition to private festivals, 30th, 40th, 50th or 60th birthday celebrations, hen dos, weddings, Halloween parties..... 

Designs are always a bit different, matching with each person, according to their wish or with their dress or outfit.  It can be more intricate and each design take a bit longer than regular children's designs, depending on what is required or how much time we have, I can create beautiful flower pieces , chest painting, decorate shoulders, arms or back to compliment the dress you might be wearing! Face painting for adults is often combined with adding Festival glitter bar to the booking.


Face Art by Petra offers an option for personalised, themed painting for business launches, grand openings, sport events, staff parties, fun days and more!

Glitter bar and Glitter tattoos are great addition to the bookings. As well as face painting my usual design, I am able to provide personalised stencil (must book min 2 months in advance).  I can create  designs with your logo for your event  and display on the day. It must be specifically requested. 

For large and busy corporate events, I can provide team of professional face painters, that can make sure your guests don't have to spend their time queuing. We will provide the highest standard of service, and art, you will enjoy wearing.

T&Cs and  Public liability insurance certificate can be found on this website. Method statement and Risk assessment are available on request. 

Get in touch with me via email to discuss any requests and enquiries

Some of our clients from past and present include Notts County FC, Nottingham Rugby, Nottinghamshire police, NHS, Ikano bank, ATG, Forterra, Ilkeston Rugby Club, It's In Nottingham, Newfield Dairy Ice Cream Parlour, Hickory's Smokehouse, The Lost City Adventure Golf, Star Fostering, Framework, The Minster School in Southwell, The Old Volunteer, The Bingham Townhouse and more...


We offer face painting for charity and fund raising events and help you with making profit for a great cause! Face Art by Petra works on hourly booked basis, but is able to paint approx. 15-20 faces in 1 hour with great quality designs ( Yes!  You read it correctly , up to 20 in 60minutes! This is possible, if we have a continuous queue and paint non stop) This means, that depending on what you decide to charge participants or if you ask for non specific donation instead,  we work hard at busy events and do our best to help to cover costs of hiring plus more. We also help with advertising your event on our social media, if you share with us your poster.
For all day (5+hours) fundraising events only, I am able to offer 10% discount* Contact me for more details and discuss your enquiry. 

* within 10miles travel from Bingham 







  1. Face painting equipment, paints, brushes, and sponges are washed and cleaned after every booking.

  2. Water is frequently changed when possible.

  3. Anti-bacterial hand gel is available.

  4. Anti-septic spray sanitizer suitable for skin, surface, or equipment on hand to use when needed.

  5. Anyone with any obvious flu symptoms or contagious conditions will be refused to get painted to avoid spreading to others.

  6. Face painter washes hands before she is ready to start.

  7. No one is allowed to drink or consume any food while on the face painting chair.

  8. Parents must ensure that children’s faces are clean and dry before getting into the face painting chair.

  9. Face paints, brushes, stencils etc, are handled only by the face painter. No guests or children are allowed to touch any of the supplies without permission, in order to keep everything as clean as possible.


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