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  • Children's parties

  • Adult and evening parties

  • Corporate events

  • Fundraising events

  • Weddings

  • Community/Sport events


                                                                                  Weekends and bank holidays

                                                                                        between 10am - 6pm

                                                                          1hr ( suitable for up to 15 children)          £85*  

                                                                          1.5hrs ( suitable for up to 20 children)     £100*

                                                                           2hrs  ( suitable for  up to 30 children)     £120*


                                                                                        Evenings from 6pm-11pm

                                                   £60-£70/per hour or one additional charge depending on number of hours booked


                                                                      Monday - Friday deal, between 10am and 3pm 

                                                                                    Discount £10 per each hour 

*Prices include cost of travel and fuel up to 10 miles each way, ( approx. 30minutes ), setting up ( min. 15-30minutes ), communication  and admin work. For longer distances, additional travel and fuel charge may be added. 


What to consider, when deciding how long you may want to book. 

1. I offer QUICK AND EFFECTIVE DESIGNS  that are a great guarantee to limit waiting time and avoid disappointed children. But also we must consider time that adds up for the following -  children who can be indecisive when it is their turn, struggling to stay still or just the time getting on and off the chair etc.  Allowing minimum 5 minutes per child is a reasonable amount to start with from my experience.

2. If you have other entertainment or party activity for children to take a part in all at once ( e.g. food time, games etc..), and you have a maximum amount of children (15) per 1hr,  or 30+ for 2 hours etc.. I can't guarantee all will be painted in that time frame without painting continuously 1hr. Allowing extra time may be a good idea.

3. Booking more than the minimum of time to paint all the children, has some benefits for your party:

   - more relaxed atmosphere for everyone

   - more creative designs 

   - extra designs on arms 

   - and perhaps adults joining in too!


                                                                                           6pm - 11pm 

                                                                                      from £70 per hour

 Beautiful face and body art for special celebrations or private festivals. All bookings include festival glitter.  


Please get in touch to discuss your needs and requirements for your event. 

Team of artists can be arranged for large events to minimize waiting time for your guests. And any promotional events will appreciate their own face art, that can include made-to-order stencils with company logo -  the perfect detail in personalised designs!


Public liability insurance certificate,  Method statement and Risk assessment are available on request. 

Get in touch with me via email to discuss any requests and enquiries


Clients I have had the pleasure to paint for include Notts County FC, Nottingham Rugby, Nottinghamshire police, NHS, Ikano bank, ATG, Forterra, Ilkeston Rugby Club, It's In Nottingham, Newfield Dairy Ice Cream Parlour, Hickory's Smokehouse, The Lost City Adventure Golf, Star Fostering, Framework, The Minster School in Southwell, The Old Volunteer, The Bingham Townhouse and more...


I understand how important it is to provide good quality entertainment, good time for your guests and equally raise enough funds to cover costs and make profit for your good cause.  As per my experience at many fundraising events and ability to paint  good quality designs at good speed, I do my best to maximise your profits and offer non-obligatory advice on how we can make the most of the face painting.  if you wish to monetize my services at your event, we can discuss the fees or donations, should you wish to do so. 
            15% discount for 3+hr bookings*
*15% discount can only be claimed, if your event is public and service is monetised, for any specific cause or charity. 



  1. Face painting equipment, paints, brushes, and sponges are washed and cleaned after every booking.

  2. Water is frequently changed when possible.

  3. Anti-bacterial hand gel is available.

  4. Anti-septic spray sanitizer suitable for skin, surface, or equipment on hand to use when needed.

  5. Anyone with any obvious flu symptoms or contagious conditions will be refused to get painted to avoid spreading to others.

  6. Face painter washes hands before she is ready to start.

  7. No one is allowed to drink or consume any food while on the face painting chair.

  8. Parents must ensure that children’s faces are clean and dry before getting into the face painting chair.

  9. Face paints, brushes, stencils etc, are handled only by the face painter. No guests or children are allowed to touch any of the supplies without permission, in order to keep everything as clean as possible and protect from any potential damage.


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